1- Creating awareness and faith among the graduate with the leadership of our civilized nation and its                    pioneering and historical role in the emergence of the human scientific civilization and its scientific                    development.

2- Create a qualified staff for future enrollment in the university education purview and able to advance the             educational process in the various fields of science.

3- Qualifying scientific researchers who have the right foundations for scientific research and development to         be able to support the movement of scientific and technological research in the country.

4- Distinguished graduates who are able to engage in graduate studies to contribute effectively to science to            solve complex scientific and technical dilemmas for the development of other scientific and technical fields.

5- Upgrading the level of technical and administrative staff to support the educational process and create new        capabilities commensurate with the quality requirements.

6- Diversity of educational culture sources and linking the student's scientific concepts to the problems of the        surrounding environment.

7- Achieving educational goals and outputs that meet outstanding academic standards.

8- Developing the capabilities of faculty members.

9- Providing scientific services and consultations to various sectors of the state and private companies.

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